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How to Deal With the ‘Drum Error’ Message on the Brother Printer?

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Brother Printer

Well, the drum is something that transfers the ink to the paper and helps your printer to print. It is equally responsible as other tools in the printing machine. If you are getting an error pertains to the Drum Error then you must think to troubleshoot it. To get the process properly done take an experts advice and fix the error.

In the pursuance of the steps, follow the below-mentioned process carefully:

  • Place your printer in a place where you can manage it easily. Remove its cover or print head to detach its drum unit and toner cartridge assembly.
  • Carefully move the green tab side-by-side several times and place the green tab to its home position, which is at the end of the left side.
  • Now use a towel to remove dirt from the drum and toner cartridge. Make sure to use a soft and dry piece of cloth or towel.
  • Now re-install the parts that you removed and assemble all into the machines and close the cover.
  • Open your printer and check for the error.
  • Make sure you are using the genuine product like the brother printer’s ink cartridge or toner otherwise facing issue will be common stuff for you.

If the message persists to appear to replace the drum unit or contact us at Brother Printer Customer Service Helpline Number +61-283173389 and find a help for you. The experts you will interact between your call are highly educated and professional with the amiable and courteous feature so that you will not face any difficulty to explain your issue to them. You can also reach us through live chat so that our experts will assist you through the process. Make yourself comfortable, call us anytime from anywhere; we are available 365 days all over the world.

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